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Start Up and Incorporation Services

We provide incorporation and related services in New York and India. A partnership firm, corporate entity (C-Copr or S-Corp), Joint Venture, or a sole proprietor concern, we can help you identify the type of entity best suited for your needs and provide higher level of personalized legal expertise. Below listed are a few instances of the work engagements we have assisted start-ups and entities with:

*Preparation and filing of incorporation documents such as article of incorporation and other additional documents needed for establishing the entity.

*Drawing up contracts such as employee agreement, stock purchase agreements, investors agreement, stock option plan, Intellectual Property agreements.

*Preparing Founders Agreement.

*Help through the negotiation and process of funding.


*Preparation of Term-Sheet.

*Filing necessary restatement and amendment upon start-up receiving Series funding.

*Drawing up cap-table for the entity.

*Preparation and filing of Application for authority for Foreign Corporations in New York.

*Partnership deed preparation and filing.

*Registering an Association and/or Society.

*Help obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the US.


*Help through the process of obtaining Permanent Account Number, Tax Identification Number, Director Identification Number in India.

*File for the necessary permits and licenses that may be required for your entity.

*Help through the process of regulatory and compliance requirements.

*Help register Intellectual Property.

*Provide assistance on immigration visa/non immigrant visa applications in the US and India.


* Provide ongoing legal support.


Contact for assistance.

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